Hip Replacement Surgery - John

John, hip replacement at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital
Consultant: Mr David Large, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

John suffered with mild arthritis, which became worse after he fell twice onto his right hip whilst out riding his motorbike.  

After his second fall, John really started to struggle and the pain began to affect his work.  As an engineer, he needed to climb ladders and wriggle across air ducts; something extremely hard to do with a bad hip.

This also had a huge impact on his lifestyle.  He stopped running marathons, and found it hard to ride his old vintage motorbikes which need to be kick-started, as he couldn’t use force with his right leg.  With his hip the way it was, John knew that he would have to stop riding eventually.  

When falling for the third time in 10 years John decided to have the hip replacement he needed at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital. John already had arthritis so he may have needed a hip replacement later in life, but because of his falls this accelerated the arthritis and need for treatment.

The procedure took under 90 minutes, and after a few days in hospital, John was discharged to rest and recover at home. During his downtime, John geared himself up to get back on the road.  He bought a three-wheel trike from eBay, and rode it to his final consultation with Mr David Large, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Though he thought he may never ride again, John embarked on a whistle-stop tour of the UK – clocking around 2,000 miles – and has further plans to hit the road with his three-wheel trike and enviable motorcycle collection.