Hip Replacement Surgery - Susan

Susan, hip replacement at BMI Bath Clinic
Consultant: Mr Harvey Sandhu, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Susan’s arthritic hip was replaced following a minimal invasive hip procedure at BMI Bath Clinic allowing her to return to a better quality of life sooner than if she had a standard hip replacement.

Before her operation, Susan suffered from severe arthritis in her hip which restricted her movements, leaving her dependent on her family. She limped very badly, and Susan could only walk for short distances at a time because of the constant pain.

Susan decided to have the procedure as the pain she was enduring worsened and affected her quality of life.  The operation transformed her life and within six weeks Susan was fully recovered and planning her summer holiday. 

Susan has got full use of her hip and leg and has been enjoying the simple things often taken for granted, like taking her dog for long walks.