Knee Replacement Double (Signature) - Mike

Mike, double ‘Signature’ knee replacement operation at BMI The Chaucer Hospital
Consultant: Mr Helmut Zahn

Mike received a double ‘Signature’ knee replacement at BMI The Chaucer Hospital and was back to work and driving within five weeks. 

Mike decided to have the procedure because his quality of life was being affected, caused by the incredible pain he endured. His knees were always stiff, and he could only walk for about ten minutes at a time before the pain became too much. As a keen cricketer if he ever played it was through gritted teeth and for short bursts at a time.

During the operation, both of Mike’s arthritic bone joints were removed and replaced with metal ones, he was only in hospital for four days and left on crutches, after four weeks he was walking unaided and was amazingly back working full-time within five weeks.

After the operation Mike was greatly looking forward to the forthcoming cricket season and to be able to pick up a cricket bat without suffering the excruciating pain he had experienced for years.