Knee Replacement (Signature) - Michelle

Michelle, ‘Signature’ knee replacement at BMI Beardwood Hospital
Consultant: Mr Rajan Mohan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

From the age of 16, Michelle had undergone several operations to treat her left knee, which was affected by osteomalacia - a condition which leaves the bones soft and prone to pain and fractures.  With the added onset of mild arthritis, the pain in her left knee gradually worsened over the years.

Michelle felt her knee was ageing before her as basic activities became intolerable and the pain was really hampering her lifestyle.  Her leg would seize up from time to time, and Michelle found that she got tired when walking her dog, and could no longer ride her bike.  

Michelle ended decades of pain after receiving a ’Signature’ knee replacement at BMI The Beardwood Hospital.

Michelle had surgery in the morning, and was up walking by the afternoon.  Her recovery had exceeded her expectations, and she only needed two sessions of physiotherapy afterwards. 

“Since my ‘Signature’ knee replacement, I haven’t felt any pain.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this.  I’m out walking, shopping – I have a new lease of life.  I would definitely recommend this surgery to anybody who needs it,” says Michelle.