Rotator Cuff Surgery - Kathy

Kathy, repair a torn rotator cuff in shoulder at BMI Priory Hospital
Consultant: Mr Samir Massoud, Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

Vicar Kathy was determined that she could not be out of action during the busiest time of her year when her Consultant suggested an early operation a week before Christmas.

Consultant Mr Samir Massoud diagnosed Kathy’s injury after an MRI scan revealed she needed an operation to repair a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. 

After agreeing to a delay until after Christmas Mr Massoud spoke with his anaesthetist and decided to ‘do it her way’ as Kathy didn’t want a general anaesthetic, she wanted to remain awake during the procedure so she could return to work as soon as possible. 

“We always try to put our patient’s wishes first,” explained Mr Massoud. “It’s usual to have a general anaesthetic for an operation such as this but Kathy was adamant she wanted to remain awake. It didn’t put anything at risk other than maybe her own comfort.”

“Everyone I met was absolutely wonderful,” said Kathy. “I really did feel special. They treated me as an individual person not just another rotator cuff operation.”