Spinal Injection - Karl

Karl, injections to relieve disc trouble in back at BMI Priory Hospital
Consultant: Mr Mushtaque Ishaque, Consultant Spinal Surgeon

When Karl hurt his shoulders turning over in bed to switch off his alarm clock he tried both physiotherapy and painkillers but nothing seemed to be working.

The black belt karate expert couldn’t move his shoulders four inches to the left or right and was referred to Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mushtaque Ishaque at BMI Priory Hospital, who explained that three of Karl’s discs had evidence of degenerative disc disease. When the discs herniate they are often associated with an area of inflammation. This inflammation can cause the nerve to become red hot, swollen and tender.

Degenerative disc disease is extremely common and in Karl’s case he had had symptoms for four months before he underwent treatment of a series of injections.

The injection reduces the inflammation in and around the nerve root. Once the nerve is less angry the patient can function more naturally whilst the body’s natural defences are slowly eating away the disc material that is in the wrong place.

Within days of the treatment, Karl was doing light training and in next to no time he was ready to compete again.

“I thought my competition days were a thing of the past but Mr Ishaque really did give my karate career a new lease of life,” says Karl.