How do I access private healthcare treatment?

Play iconUse your private medical insurance; it may cover more than you think.

The main way to gain access to private medical treatment is by using your private medical insurance. Whether you pay into an individual or family policy, or you have cover through your work, you should use your PMI at time of need.

If you have never experienced private healthcare nor claimed on your PMI policy you may not be au fait with the process which although may seem daunting, is in fact a relatively simple process giving you fast access to the expert healthcare you need.

We have put together a downloadable guide which clearly outlines the private GP referral process as well as some top tips to consider when arranging your GP referral and liaising with your insurer during the claims process.

Download your guide now and get up to speed so you can access the healthcare you deserve.

Take a look at our infographic for some top tips on getting a private referral and claiming on your policy

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