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Play iconTake a look at some of our real life stories where patients have used their private medical insurance, or have paid for themselves, in order to benefit from private healthcare.

Fast access to expert, consultant delivered treatment has allowed our patients to take their life of pause so they can do the things they love again.

Sadie Windmill

Sadie Windmill | Lymphocytic leukaemia

She has a name that sounds like she should be the heroine in an adventure novel – and Sadie Windmill certainly has an amazing story to tell.

The 44-year-old former assistant head-teacher has spent the past 18 months aboard a yacht with her husband Jules and her two dogs sailing around France, Spain and Morocco to name just a few. Not bad considering just over two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an intensive course of chemotherapy at Birmingham’s BMI Priory Hospital.

Bev Moore

Bev Moore | Spinal surgery

When skincare and beauty consultant Bev Moore was involved in a car accident that damaged discs in her back and neck her life changed completely.

The 43-year-old mother of four suffered severe pain in her back and legs, was unable to do any household chores and couldn’t even lift her one year-old grand-daughter.

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Graham Woodhouse

Graham Woodhouse | Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Two Birmingham surgeons have joined forces to offer a new procedure to treat life-threatening blood vessel disorders.

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeons Donald Adam and Martin Claridge are treating patients suffering with complicated aneurysms (a swelling or bulge in the wall of a major blood vessel) with made-to-measure stent-grafts.

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Alfie Ratcliffe

Alfie Ratcliffe | Spinal treatment

When Birmingham policeman Alfie Ratcliffe found himself writhing on the floor and unable to move he was sure he’d lost his three year battle with back pain and was facing major surgery on his spine.

But three injections later 28-year-old Alfie is back at work and, more importantly, able to play with his three-year-old son Harry.

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Colin Burgess

Colin Burgess | Prostate cancer

He was a scuba diving, rock-climbing 66-year-old who regularly went on 100-mile cycle rides, but Bromsgrove businessman Colin Burgess faced having to give up his outdoor active lifestyle.

Now, thanks to an operation carried out at by Consultant Urologist Mr Zaki Almallah, Colin, who co-founded B&L Fencing Services in Bromsgrove, is back in action and even planning a trek to the basecamp at Mount Everest.

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