Bev back in action after double disc operations

Bev Moore
Bev Moore
Spinal surgery
Husband’s corporate private medical insurance

When skincare and beauty consultant Bev Moore was involved in a car accident that damaged discs in her back and neck her life changed completely.

The 43-year-old mother of four suffered severe pain in her back and legs, was unable to do any household chores and couldn’t even lift her one year-old grand-daughter.

Bev explained how the back pain affected her life: “I had severe pain in my back and legs and would get headaches that were so bad I could not even move my head and they could last for over a week. I was also suffering from pains in my arm causing me to drop things as if I had become clumsy.

Following two operations carried out at BMI Priory Hospital in Birmingham by Consultant Spinal Surgeon Mr Mushtaque Ishaque, she is now back on her feet.

“I would wake up every night unable to sleep because of the pain.”

She added that husband Andrew had to do most of the housework while other family members would help out with many of the other day-to-day tasks.

Bev, who was insured by BUPA through her husband Andrew’s work used her Private Medical Insurance and was referred to Mr Ishaque who first treated the damaged disc in Bev’s neck but then decided that she also needed a fusion in her lower spine if she was to become totally ‘pain free’.

He explained: “I decided that it was best to remove the damaged disc in her neck and replace it with a ‘cage’ - a man-made device that is placed in the disc space. This removes all the pressure of the disc on the nerve and allows the spine to heal between the vertebral bodies.

Bev Moore
“It is not uncommon for discs in two areas of the spine to become damaged at the same time. Once we had treated the disc in Bev’s neck it became apparent that we would also have to carry out an operation in her lower back if we were to get her back to full fitness.

“Once Bev had recovered from the neck operation I took her back to theatre and fused the lower part of her lumbar spine with metal wire while also performing a decompression to take the pressure off the nerves to her legs.

“This proved very successful and she has been able to return to full activity”

A delighted Bev said: “I can play with my daughter and granddaughter and am now able to take my dog for daily walks, as well as attending a gym at least three times a week. The operations really have changed my life and I’m so grateful to Mr Ishaque for what he has done.”

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