Mako® robotic-arm assisted hip surgery at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital


If you opt for hip surgery using Mako® at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital, we could give you a more natural-feeling hip.

The Mako® robotic arm is used for total hip replacements. It allows our surgeons to be more precise and personalised in their planning.1

This approach could give you improved function and a more natural feeling in your new joint.2

Ask your BMI Healthcare consultant about hip replacement surgery using the Mako® surgical system.

The Mako® robotic arm is changing the way joint replacements are performed at Princess Margaret Hospital. It allows us to personalise each patient's surgical plan, creating a clear strategy for the procedure. This can then be adjusted as necessary during surgery.

This allows us as surgeons to undertake surgery with high level of accuracy and predictability.1 It has the potential to lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.2

Mr Rakesh Kucheria Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

An advancement in hip replacement surgery

The Mako® system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform total hip replacements.

The technology comprises a surgical planning and navigation system combined with a robotic arm that is guided by our skilled surgeons.

Surgeons use Mako® software to create a bespoke plan based on your individual anatomy.

During the procedure, this detailed plan is used to ensure accurate removal of damaged bone and cartilage as well as precise positioning of the implant.

This improved accuracy can mean a shorter stay in hospital,3 improved feel and function,2 and less chance of problems in the future.4