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Gastroenterology looks at disorders of the digestive system.

Gastroenterologists study the physiology of the gastrointestinal organs, including how food is moving through the stomach and intestines and how nutrients are digested and absorbed. They also look at how waste is removed from the body and the normal function of the liver.

Gastrointestinal issues can cause pain and discomfort, ranging from fairly minor to serious. To gather an understanding of your specific condition, gastroenterologists can use a range of methods to examine your digestive tract. This might include an endoscopy, CT scans and ultrasound scans, which can help create a fully comprehensive picture of your gastrointestinal organs.

We are proud to facilitate Consultant gastroenterologists who can help test, diagnose, and treat or manage your gastrointestinal issues in order to improve your quality of life.

If you are suffering from any gastrointestinal problem, your GP will be the first point of contact and will refer you to a specialist if needed. Some of the most common symptoms for gastrointestinal disorders are:  

  • Diarrhea;  
  • Vomiting;  
  • A change in bowel habits;  
  • Rectal bleeding;  
  • Heartburn;  
  • Loss of appetite and weight;  
  • Abdominal pain and bloating;  
  • Esophageal pain and 
  • Excessive gas or belching.  

There are many common disorders of the upper and lower digestive tract, and it is always important to speak with your GP in the first instance. Some of these disorders include:  

Gastroenterological procedures and tests will be carried out by our multidisciplinary team of dedicated Consultants, nurses, dieticians, and more.

Our team will strive to improve your symptoms through effective testing and treatment.  

Inguinal hernia repair 

When a part of your body pushes through a weak part of your muscle or tissue, a hernia can occur. According to the NHS, inguinal hernias are the most common kind of hernia, and can appear as lumps that may be painful.  

Inguinal hernia repair is surgery that will push the lump back to where it should be, and provide support and strength to the weakened section of your muscle or tissue to prevent it happening again. 


Cholecystectomy is the name for the removal of your gallbladder, which is a very common procedure. The gallbladder is found in the upper right of your stomach, and stores bile, a fluid produced by the liver which aids in the digestion of food.  

It’s not a necessary organ, so if you suffer from gallstones or have an infection of the gallbladder, your Consultant may recommend that it is removed. This can be done through laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, or open surgery, and both are done under a general anaesthetic


A gastrectomy is when some (or sometimes all) of your stomach is removed. It is most often performed due to stomach cancer, but can sometimes be used to treat other gastrointestinal issues like stomach ulcers, obesity and non-cancerous tumours. You’ll be under a general anaesthetic, and it can be done through laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, or open surgery.   

Gastric bypass

For people who are obese, weight loss surgeries such as a gastric bypass may be a way to lower your BMI and reduce related conditions such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. A gastric bypass is when the top of your stomach is joined onto your small intestine. This means you won’t need to eat as much food, and should lose weight as a result.  

Booking your gastroenterological procedures with us depends on your condition and recommended treatment option.  

To get started, you can book a consultation online with one of our many experienced gastroenterology Consultants. This is a simple and fast process. You can also book your consultation by calling +44 1413 005 009.

To familiarise yourself with the many gastroenterology treatments we offer, you can read our informative, in-depth treatment pages. This could help you to decide which treatment option might suit you best.  

At your consultation, you will likely receive important diagnostic testing and discuss the right treatment option for you with your Consultant.

Specialists offering Gastroenterology

Dr Richard Jones

Consultant Gastroenterologist


BMI The Alexandra Hospital

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Dr Amer Al-Joudeh

Consultant Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist

MD, MRCP UK, MRCP Gastroenterology

BMI Thornbury Hospital

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Dr Nik Kamperidis

Consultant Gastroenterologist

MSc, MD(Res), MRCP (UK)

BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital

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Dr Krishna Sundaram

Consultant Gastroenterologist


BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital 2 more BMI The Runnymede Hospital BMI Syon Clinic

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Dr Chris Meaden

Consultant Gastroenterologist

MA (Cantab), BM BCh (Oxon), MD, FRCP

BMI The Lancaster Hospital

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