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Plastic surgery

What is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is used to repair or reconstruct damaged tissue and skin. It includes treating abnormalities such as webbed fingers and serious burns. Plastic surgery is different from cosmetic surgery, which is mostly performed to achieve a desired appearance.

The NHS reveals that plastic surgery procedures can help boost your self-esteem and improve your quality of life. But, before going ahead with plastic surgery, it is important to speak to a specialist Consultant first. They can provide you with more information about reconstructive surgery and what you can expect after surgery.

The most common reasons why you might want to have plastic surgery include:   

A mastectomy:  A mastectomy (breast removal) can be used to treat breast cancer in both men and women. If you’re undergoing a mastectomy to treat breast cancer, your surgeon might talk with you about breast reconstruction surgery.  

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS): CTS is a condition where the nerve in your wrist becomes compressed. This puts pressure on your nerve, and can lead to numbness and pain in your hands and fingers. Carpal tunnel release surgery can help resolve your symptoms.   

Trauma injuries: Severe injuries from an accident or sport can cause damaged tissue or a loss of healthy tissue. Reconstructive surgery after trauma can help restore healthy tissue. It can vary from nose plastic surgery to reconstruction of larger sections of your body.  

Scarring: Scars are part of your body’s natural healing process, and occur following an injury or wound. Plastic surgery for scars through scar reconstruction and correction can help improve the appearance of your scar.

Most plastic surgery at BMI Healthcare will be carried out by our multidisciplinary team, comprising dedicated Consultants, plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and more.  

Our specialist Consultants at BMI Healthcare will discuss your symptoms with you, and perform an assessment to determine if surgery is an appropriate treatment for you.

Breast reconstruction with the latissimus dorsi flap

The latissimus dorsi muscle is a large muscle in your back. Your surgeon will move this muscle and a section of your skin through an incision on your back. This will be used to replace your nipple and areola skin (the darker area surrounding your nipple). Your latissimus dorsi muscle will be moved to the front of your chest to create a breast shape. If an implant is needed, your surgeon will create a pocket under this muscle to insert the implant.

Carpal tunnel release

Carpel tunnel release surgery involves cutting your carpal ligament (a ligament at the top of your wrist). This creates more space for the nerves in your carpal tunnel. Your carpal tunnel is a narrow space, that sits under a band of tissue in your wrist bones.  

Reconstruction after trauma

Reconstructive surgery includes skin grafts, skin flaps and bone grafts. During a skin graft, healthy skin is removed from another part of your body. It is then used to cover the damaged area of your skin. Alternatively, skin flaps involve taking a part of your tissue and its blood vessels, and stitching this onto the affected area of your skin. Skin grafts and skin flaps can be used to treat large wounds, fractures and burns.    

Reconstruction and correction of scars

Scar reconstruction or correction can reduce the visibility of your scar. Your scar will be corrected. Healthy tissue through nearby flaps of skin or skin grafts can be then used to fill the space produced by the release of your scar.  

Booking your plastic surgery treatment with BMI Healthcare depends on your condition and recommended treatments.

To get started, you can book a consultation online with one of our many experienced Consultants. You can also book your consultation by calling us.

If you would like to learn more about plastic surgery costs and the treatments, we offer at BMI Healthcare, please visit our treatments page. This can provide you with further information about other plastic surgeries that our team perform.

If you would like to find a plastic surgery clinic near you, you can search for a hospital through our website. To book your appointment, you can call us or book online. 

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Mr Terry Lowe

Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Head and Neck Surgeon

MBChB (University of Sheffield, BDS (University of Sheffied), FDS RCPS (Glasgow), FRCS RCPS (Glasgow), FRCS OMFS (Glasgow)

BMI Albyn Hospital

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Mr Ashley Topps

Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon


BMI The Beardwood Hospital

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Mr Russell Bramhall

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

BSc(hons) MBChB MRCS(Eng) FRCS(Plast)

BMI Ross Hall Hospital

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Mr Stuart Robertson

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

MBChB, MRCS, MD, National Oncoplastic Fellowship, FRCS

BMI The Meriden Hospital

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Mr Stuart Wilson

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


BMI The Alexandra Hospital

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