Spinal anaesthetic

What is a spinal anaesthetic?

A spinal anaesthetic involves injecting drugs into an area called the subarachnoid space near the spinal cord. The drugs numb your nerves to give pain relief in certain areas of your body. Spinal anaesthetic can be used either on their own while you are awake, or in combination with sedation or general anaesthesia. They can also be used after your operation to give effective pain relief. Spinal anaesthetic

What does the procedure involve?

Your anaesthetist will insert the needle, inject drugs through it and then remove the needle (see figure 1). It should not be painful, although it can be uncomfortable. A spinal anaesthetic usually lasts between one to three hours. The anaesthetist will put enough drugs through the needle to make sure that it lasts longer than the expected length of the operation.

What complications can happen?

  • Failure of the spinal
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Itching
  • Bladder-emptying problems
  • Backache
  • Loss or change of hearing
  • Nerve damage

Spinal anaesthetic summary

A spinal can be used for most people, usually giving a safe and effective form of pain relief both during and after your operation.


Spine injection for pain (1-2) (local anaesthetic)

Patient pathway Initial consultation Main treatment Post discharge care Total
Hospital fees N/A £1,950 Included £1,950
Consultants fees £200 Included Included £200
Total £2,150
Initial consultation
Hospital fees N/A
Consultants fees £200
Main treatment
Hospital fees £1,950
Consultants fees Included
Post discharge care
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees Included
Total £2,150

Terms & Conditions

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