Gender (Sexing) Scan

What is a sexing scan?

A sexing scan allows you to identify the sex of your baby. For those individuals or couples who desire to know the sex of the baby, ultrasound scan can correctly determine the gender of the baby in about 95% of cases. Gender scans (sometimes called sexing scans) can be done from 16-34 weeks gestation although they are more accurate from 20 weeks.

How is the scan performed?

The scan is performed through an ultrasound scan. When your baby’s position is not ideal for a gender scan we stop scanning and ask you to take a short gentle walk in the local area. In some cases you may also be offered another appointment, free of charge. Our sexing scans are carried out by Consultant Gynaecologists.

How accurate is a sexing scan?

Sexing scans have 95% accuracy.

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