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What is audiology?

Audiology is the study of hearing and balance. At BMI Healthcare, audiology is used to assess, diagnose and treat patients with hearing and balance difficulties. These can include hearing loss, balance problems and various other associated disorders.

What causes audiology problems?

The causes of hearing loss and other audiology impairments are many and varied and there are a range of different tests that can be undertaken but all fall under the broad umbrella, audiology. For instance, by using a pure tone audiogram the patient's threshold of hearing can be established. When necessary, additional tests can be carried out in order to measure the presence of fluid in the ear or stiffness of the eardrum. Audiology is much more than a simple hearing test and audiologists work with ENT specialists to help patients overcome problems including tinnitus and dizziness.

When you should see an audiologist?

If you notice any difficulty with your hearing, either in one ear or both, speak to your GP. The GP will be able to assess your situation and refer you to the audiologist, who will conduct a full investigation to check your hearing, check the ears for wax, infections or any other conditions.

You should schedule an audiology consultation if:

  • You have difficulty hearing when there’s noise in the background
  • You hear voices mumbled or slurred
  • You find it hard to follow conversations
  • There is a feeling of pressure in your ear
  • You get dizzy
  • There are ringing or buzzing sounds in your ear (tinnitus)

How can BMI Healthcare help?

At BMI Healthcare we offer audiology consultations to test and potentially diagnose any hearing difficulties you might have.