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Banded sleeve gastrectomy

Banded sleeve gastrectomy surgery encourages weight loss by making you feel full on less food. Book an appointment online today

What is banded sleeve gastrectomy?

Banded sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery. It is a minimal invasive surgery (keyhole surgery) that reduces the size of the stomach by about 70%. This encourages weight loss as patients should feel full on less food.

How does the operation work?

The stomach is divided along the greater curvature, resulting in a capacity reduction of approximately 70%. The remainder of the stomach is left intact but food only passes through the smaller ‘sleeve’ portion. 

In addition, further restriction can be ensured by inserting a ring around the upper part of the sleeve which further reduces the amount of food that can be eaten and more importantly it is thought that ring will help to decrease the possibility of sleeve dilatation in the future. This theory is backed by good initial results but needs positive future data and more research.

What are the benefits of banded sleeve gastrectomy?

  • Simpler, less invasive surgery than banded gastric bypass 
  • Reduces hunger pains 
  • Encourages fast and long term weight loss 
  • Encourages a healthier lifestyle 

Am I a candidate for this procedure?

Candidates that qualify for this procedure are often at least 100lbs overweight and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or above. 

To determine whether you are a good candidate for this surgery, book an appointment with one of our consultant surgeons. They will be able to assess your unique medical needs and suggest the best option for you.

Specialists offering Banded sleeve gastrectomy

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Consultant General & Bariatric Surgeon

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