Our cancer centres

Many of our hospitals across the UK offer cancer care services, with our 14 dedicated cancer centres providing a full comprehensive range of screening, diagnostics, treatment and follow up and support services.

From north to south, our cancer centres are:

Compassionate and individual care

Every one of our cancer centres offers rapid access to treatment and boasts a team of highly experienced consultant surgeons and oncologists with dedicated clinical teams who tailor a treatment plan for your care and reassure you every step of the way.

Your cancer treatment is complemented by comprehensive support services including dietetics, physiotherapy and pain management. We also offer complementary therapy and access to patient support groups.

Comprehensive and integrated cancer treatment

All of our cancer centres specialise in integrated cancer care. This means that throughout your cancer journey, you can be reassured that you will be taken care of and supported by a caring team of medical professionals at every stage of your treatment.

Each of our cancer centres are working with various cancer providers to ensure a comprehensive treatment offering, from radiotherapy provision to complementary therapies. .