Our cancer specialists

Cancer specialists dedicated to your care

Our expert cancer teams provide full support at every stage of your cancer journey, with multidisciplinary teams that provide a complete range of care, when you need it. As well as your dedicated consultant surgeon, radiologist and oncologist, many other health care professionals are likely to play a role in your care including cancer nurses, haematologists, pathologists, palliative care teams, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dieticians and complementary therapists.

Consultant surgeons, radiologists and oncologists

You will be cared for and treated by a dedicated cancer care team made up of surgeons, radiologists and oncologists, all experts in their field. In most cases you will meet with a consultant surgeon who will arrange diagnostic and imaging tests if appropriate. The radiologist will oversee your imaging tests and will work closely with your consultant surgeon to make an accurate diagnosis.

If surgical treatment is necessary, your surgeon will discuss the options with you. If treatment beyond surgery is required, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you will have a dedicated oncologist to provide suitable post-surgery treatment. Your team of consultants will work together closely to ensure your treatment progresses appropriately.

Specialist cancer nurses

Our dedicated cancer nursing teams include specialist tumour specific cancer nurses who are fully trained and experienced in the delivery of chemotherapy.

At every step of the way, your nursing team will help you and your family to cope with your condition and treatment. They’ll help you to manage your symptoms or side effects of your cancer and will give you the emotional and social support you need.

We work with Macmillan Cancer Support to supply specialist expertise to help manage pain, associated symptoms and to give psychological support.

Other healthcare professionals involved in you care

Palliative care team

Many of our hospitals have dedicated palliative care teams to help with pain management and symptom control if such support is required.


Our on-site oncology pharmacists specialise in cancer drugs. They co-ordinate the pharmacy service for cancer patients and provide information and support for you regarding your drug therapy.


We have teams of physiotherapists experienced in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of physical problems that may occur during or after cancer treatment. If required, our physiotherapists can help you regain independence and mobility post treatment. They will assist in the management of symptoms and muscle weakness. Our physiotherapists are also available to help with exercise regimes to help you get back to fitness after your treatment.

Complementary therapists

Many of our cancer centres offer methods to help relax you during on-going treatment such as massage or tai chi. Our experienced complementary therapists offer a holistic approach which means they work with your whole body, not just the area of your body where the tumour is.  


We offer a range of catering arrangements for our cancer patients. Our specialist dieticians will work closely with you to design an eating plan that suits your needs.

24/7 support from cancer care staff

Our hospitals are staffed 24 hours a day so if you have a concern, experience unexpected symptoms or simply want to put your mind at rest, you can rest assured that a member of the team will be available to take a call whatever the hour.