Our partners

In order to provide a comprehensive and integrated cancer care service we work with a number of companies. This enables us to provide services across the whole cancer pathway in a seamless manner. They are all recognised companies within cancer services, see who they are below.

  • GenesisCare


    BMI Healthcare work together with GenesisCare to provide a comprehensive radiotherapy service at both BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital in Guildford and BMI The Park Hospital in Nottingham.

    Through GenesisCare, BMI Healthcare are able to provide the latest in precision radiotherapy treatments, including intensity modulated (IMRT), image guided (IGRT) and breath-hold (DIBH) radiotherapy. Combining both IMRT and IGRT radiotherapy has been shown to optimise the effect of radiotherapy by targeting the required dose to the tumour much more precisely, thus avoiding the severity of side effects caused by damage to surrounding normal tissue.


    Oncotherapy Resources Ltd (ORL)

    As a company ORL are very pleased to be offering an innovative, mobile managed service for Single Dose Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (SD-IORT) to eligible early stage breast cancer patients at key BMI cancer centres across the UK. This service more closely meets the needs of patients, enabling them to have radiotherapy treatment closer to home as opposed to a regional centre and in just one day as opposed to 3-5 weeks of daily radiotherapy sessions.

    Through working with ORL we aspire to offer choice and transform the patient experience at BMI Healthcare; offering suitable patients the choice of having an efficient, effective and convenient treatment.

  • The Fountain Centre

    The Fountain Centre

    The Fountain Centre, an independent charity within St Luke’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, is delighted to be working with BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital, to provide a range of complementary therapies to cancer patients. Those receiving treatment at Mount Alvernia are able to book therapies which are delivered in the new St Martha Cancer Centre, by fully qualified therapists from the Fountain Centre.

  • UK Oncology Nursing Society


    UKONS is the Oncology Nursing Society, an organisation that allows fellow cancer nurses to interact and share best practice, as well as providing educational events. BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital recently hosted a new education event with guest speaker Roma Maguire, Professor of Cancer Care from the University of Surrey. We plan to host more educational events across the UK in the future.

  • Thornbury Gamma Knife Centre

    Medical Equipment Solutions Limited

    Gold standard treatment for secondary brain tumours. The Thornbury Gamma Knife Centre at the BMI Thornbury Hospital is a partnership between BMI Healthcare and Medical Equipment Solutions Limited. By working together we are able to provide a radiosurgery service treating brain tumours and other intracranial indications.

    Secondary brain tumours arise most commonly from primary cancers of the lung, breast, kidney, colon and of the skin, although it is possible for a number of other primary tumours to occasionally spread to the brain. The Gamma Knife is considered the "gold standard" for accuracy and limited radiation dose across the brain for the treatment of secondary brain tumours.

  • Paxman


    BMI Healthcare offer the advanced cooling cap concept to suitable cancer patients through Paxman, who have developed an internationally recognised hair loss prevention system. Hair loss is one of the most feared side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Cooling the scalp during selected chemotherapy regimes has shown to reduce or prevent otherwise inevitable total hair loss.

    The use of cool caps during chemotherapy treatment greatly reduces the risk of hair loss. Self-image is preserved which leads to positive attitudes towards treatment and cure, and social life and activities need not be inhibited.