Lorraine and her story

Breast Cancer Patient Is One Of The First To Have 'Mesh Bra' Fitted In The UK


A breast cancer patient from Alderley Edge is one of the first privately in the UK to have a TiLOOP bra implant. 

Retired casino manager, Lorraine Gilmartin, 62, had the innovative ‘mesh bra’ surgery after a mastectomy following diagnosis of cancer in her right breast.

Lorraine said: “I had the mastectomy instead of the lumpectomy because if I had needed radiotherapy after the lumpectomy, Mr Chatterjee would not have had control over the way my breasts looked, as the treatment can make the breast tissue hard. I chose the TiLOOP surgery so I could have more control over how my breasts looked after the operation.”

“I had been taking treatment for the breast cancer which was extremely effective, so much so, by the time Mr Chatterjee did the procedure the cancer had gone, so my situation was quite unique.”

She added: “I am so relieved that I went for this procedure. I would definitely recommend it to others. The only pain I had was a bit of soreness after the procedure but apart from that I have been able to get my life back to normal, and I’m so grateful to Mr Chatterjee for offering me this treatment. I have friends who have undergone traditional breast reconstructions, and I only wish that the TiLOOP procedure had been available to them, too.  

“I was really surprised at my rate of recovery, within six weeks I was doing body pump and body attack classes, and after eight weeks I was able to do press ups! It was great that I could get back to doing the things I enjoy so soon after my operation as it meant that my life didn’t have to put on hold.”

She added: “The ‘mesh bra’ also has health benefits. Because the implants are more compatible with breast tissue it makes it easier for problems to be diagnosed by mammograms in the future, which given my health history, was obviously important to me.

 “Everybody at BMI The Alexandra Hospital has been great. Mr Chatterjee was marvellous – nothing was too much for him, and he made sure I was as comfortable as possible”.