Richard and his story

Massage Makes Big Difference, Says Cancer Patient Richard


For Richard White the idea of a massage as part of his cancer treatment seemed ‘slightly odd’ to say the least.

But a year into his aromatherapy sessions the 70-year-old retired salesman says they are doing him ‘a power of good’ and are a great help in his fight against the disease.

“I feel like I am walking on air. The illness causes my legs muscles to weaken and the chemo treatment deadens the nerves, so I lose all sensation in my feet. The massages really are a boost to body and soul, I would certainly recommend them to other patients in my situation.”

Richard, of Hucknall, Notts, has been attending BMI The Park Cancer Centre in Burntstump Country Park, Arnold, for the past five years after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

A year ago he was offered complementary aromatherapy treatments by the hospital’s physiotherapy department and now says he wouldn’t miss a single session.

Victoria Clifton, a physiotherapist for 22 years explained: “Studies show massage reduces tension and stress as well as helping to ease pain. It also helps the patient to relax and promotes well-being, which is important as they are going through a tough time physically and emotionally.”

Cancer Research UK confirms that although there is no scientific evidence that massage can actually treat cancer, it can help people feel better and reduce some of the symptoms of the cancer, or the side effects of treatment .

As she applies black pepper and geranium essential oils to Richard’s feet and calves she says: “The sessions are proving very popular with many patients. We offer complementary therapies alongside conventional treatment, such as Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and surgery. We aim to care for the whole person by offering a holistic approach to cancer treatment”

“As for Richard, who attends the sessions with his wife Di, he has no doubt of the benefits.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel after a massage – it’s like I’ve had my batteries recharged – I’m full of energy yet very - relaxed, I wouldn’t do without them now,” he said.