Steven and his Story

Steven So Glad He Listened To His Mum


Mother knows best! If you don’t believe it ask Lincolnshire Scout Leader Steven Goulder.

Even though his dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 70, Steven didn’t think he was old enough to start worrying about his own health.

It was only his mother’s persistence that finally got the 52-year-old technical manager from Lincolnshire to go to his GP for an examination.

Now, as he recovers from a prostate cancer operation at BMI Lincoln Hospital, Steven admits his mum’s persistence has probably saved his life.

“I was about 47-years-old when my mum first started pushing me to see my GP. She was obviously worried that my dad had had the disease and she didn’t want the same to happen to me.

“I just thought I was far too young to be affected but in the end I went along just to keep her from worrying!”

Steven, who is married with two children, was given a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test which showed slightly irregular results. He was told to return for a second test and then monitored on a regular basis for nearly five years.

Finally, as test results continued to vary, Steven was given a biopsy by Consultant Urologist Mr Nazeer Dahar, which showed that cancer was present.

“How could that happen,” said Steven. “All the leaflets I’d seen on prostate cancer showed pictures of old men – I was young - what was I doing with it?”

Steven was operated on by Mr Dahar and Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Jatin Dedhia at BMI Lincoln Hospital and is looking forward to returning to his outdoor activities such as canoeing and camping with his 11th Boston Scout group.

But he is determined that his experience should serve as a warning to other men of his age and is urging  anyone around the 50 years mark to get themselves checked as soon as possible.

“Ignoring the issue doesn’t help anyone. I was lucky that my mum just wouldn’t let it drop “It’s a simple test and it could save your life – don’t ignore it now and regret it later, get to your GP now!”