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Cardiovascular screening

Cardiovascular screenings are used to identify heart conditions. We look at the tests involved.

Cardiovascular screening is a series of tests intended to identify any early signs of heart disease or other heart condition that may be present in those that appear healthy. By diagnosing problems in their earliest stages, the chance of successfully treating the problem is much higher, and can potentially save lives

There are a range of tests involved in cardiovascular screening designed to test the health and functionality of different areas of the heart, such as exercise tolerance testing, blood pressure testing, and the use of imaging technology, such as an ultrasound.

The tests are non-invasive and you should be able to return home the same day. The results of the testing will determine your need for further testing or treatment.

There is a small risk that the screening process could miss a problem and provide false results. You may become tired after the physical tests. The tests are non-invasive and designed to diagnose any heart problems, so are safe to perform.

Specialists Offering Cardiovascular screening

Dr Iftikhar Fazal

Consultant Cardiologist

MBChB, MRCP, BHRS (Devices) accreditation

BMI The Park Hospital

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Dr Gareth Rosser

Consultant Cardiologist


BMI Bishops Wood Hospital 2 more BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital BMI Syon Clinic

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Dr Punit Ramrakha

Consultant Cardiologist

MA (Cambridge) BMBCh (Oxford) MRCP (UK) PhD (London) FRCP

BMI The Chiltern Hospital 1 more BMI The Shelburne Hospital

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Dr Andreas Kyriacou

Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist


BMI Thornbury Hospital

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