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ClariVein to treat varicose veins

ClariVein is an effective procedure to treat varicose veins with greatly reduced pain levels. Book a specialist appointment.

ClariVein offers greatly reduced pain levels, minimal discomfort, and minimal bruising.

Compared to other comparative techniques (laser or radiofrequency), there are greatly reduced pain levels, bruising and discomfort both during the ClariVein procedure and post op. This is due to the way that ClariVein works, ie, it disrupts the lining (the intima) of the vein allowing the highly effective use of a drug which is used to close the vein. At a biochemical level, the drug fits into the epithelial receptors like an enzyme / substrate complex, this does not happen in the same way if the drug alone were to be used.

Thermal techniques such as laser and radiofrequency use heat to destroy the vein, and as a result cause severe trauma to it hence much of the pain and bruising associated with these techniques.

During the ClariVein procedure, the patient should feel a “buzzing” feeling in their leg which is not painful. There is also a quick return to normal activities.

Compared to laser or radio frequency treatments ClariVein is:

  • Safe, fast & effective procedure with minimal pain & discomfort
  • Negligible bruising, or none at all
  • Reduced risks
  • No risk of thermal damage from laser or RF energy
  • No risk of nerve injury
  • No multiple needle sticks injuries
  • No internal leg pressure
  • A rapid return to normal activities

Zero risk of thermal injury

There is no heat used with ClariVein, therefore no risk of thermal injury which there is with the other techniques. As a result, there’s no risk of nerve injury with ClariVein and this reduces the risks associated with the procedure.

No need for tumescent anaesthetic

The lack of heat during a ClariVein procedure means there is no need for tumescent anaesthetic. This is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful part of the procedure due to multiple needle stick injuries and the internal pressure of the anaesthetic on the leg (usually between 250 and 400ml of fluid are pumped into the leg causing it to swell). With lasers and radio frequency, the tumescent anaesthetic is very important to get right as this prevents the heat reaching into the body and causing thermal injury, so the need for this part of the procedure and any risk of it not being done well is completely eliminated.

This also means the procedure time is quicker as there are fewer steps.

Clinical Results

While there is not long term data on the effectiveness of the technique, there is one year data which is as good if not better than laser and radio frequency achieved at the same point. All the indications are that ClariVein will provide a safe, effective and lasting treatment for varicose veins.

The technique is FDA approved and the device CE marked.

ClariVein summary

For 350 years, varicose veins have been treated with a surgical technique, for 10 years laser and radio frequency took over, now there’s ClariVein – this is the future of vein treatment.

It is safe, fast, & effective with greatly reduced patient pain, discomfort, & bruising.

Specialists offering ClariVein to treat varicose veins

Mr Nick Lagattolla

Consultant General, Vascular & Endocrine Surgeon

B.Med. Sci(Hon), BM, BS. FRCS, FRCS (Gen)

BMI The Harbour Hospital 1 more BMI The Winterbourne Hospital

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Mr Tahir Ali

Consultant General & Vascular Surgeon


BMI The Runnymede Hospital 1 more BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital

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Prof Shah Nawaz

Consultant Vascular Surgeon


BMI Thornbury Hospital

View profile Book online

Mr Bruce Braithwaite

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

MA MChir MB FRCS FRCS(General Surgery)

BMI The Park Hospital 1 more BMI The Lincoln Hospital

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Mr Eddie Chaloner

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

BA, FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Gen)

BMI The Blackheath Hospital 2 more BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital BMI The Sloane Hospital

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