Pilonidal sinus surgery

What is pilonidal sinus surgery?

A pilonidal sinus is an infection, almost always in the natal cleft (between buttock cheeks) caused by ingrowing hairs. It may present as an abscess which requires drainage or as a more chronic discharging opening associated with pain and swelling.

What does the operation involve?

Surgery usually involves excising the abnormal skin/fat with the sinus. The resulting hole can be left open and packed with a dressing, closed with just a suture, or with a ‘flap’ of nearby tissue.

What are the benefits of pilonidal sinus surgery? 

The benefits of surgery are to remove the sinus with its associated leakage, pain and infection. In minor cases it can sometimes be ‘managed’ (not cured) with antibiotics.

Are there any risks? 

The risks of surgery are predominantly infection and failure of the wound to heal. This can result in the need for a prolonged period of renewing dressings or further surgery which can be disruptive but rarely serious.  There is also a risk that the sinus will recur.

Your treating consultant will discuss all risks in full with you prior to the surgery.


Author: Mr  Nigel Suggett, Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon, BMI The Priory Hospital, Birmingham


Pilonidal sinus removal

Patient pathway Initial consultation Main treatment Post discharge care Total
Hospital fees N/A £2,698 Included £2,698
Consultants fees £200 Included Included £200
Total £2,898
Initial consultation
Hospital fees N/A
Consultants fees £200
Main treatment
Hospital fees £2,698
Consultants fees Included
Post discharge care
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees Included
Total £2,898

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