Nose Reshaping & Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty)

What is nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) surgery?

Your nose is the central feature of your face and, if you’re not happy with its size or shape, then this is sure to have an impact on your self-confidence. A ‘nose job’, as it is commonly known, or rhinoplasty, to use its medical name, can change the shape of the nose, reposition the bridge, remove bumps or alter the tip.

Why have nose reshaping surgery?

When every look in the mirror is a reminder of how unhappy you are with your appearance, the thought of nose reshaping surgery can be a very attractive alternative. But however appealing this option might seem, the decision to go ahead with surgery needs careful consideration. We would strongly encourage you to chat through any doubts you might have with one of our consultant surgeons or a member of our team of friendly advisors before you commit to treatment. These advisors are here to help answer any questions you have, without applying any kind of sales pressure, so that you can be 100% confident with your decision if you do eventually proceed with surgery.

Your nose reshaping operation

The operation will take place under general anaesthetic and your chosen consultant surgeon will normally make alterations from the inside of your nose, although small cuts to the base of the nostril may also be required. The bone and tissue is manipulated to achieve the desired result before a splint is applied to maintain the new shape. Or, in some cases, your surgeon may prefer to work with more control from the outside so he can actually see the bones and cartilage. If you have a bump, your surgeon will shave it down, your nose can also be straightened and narrowed breaking the nasal bones and then re-setting them and the tip can be refined simply by reducing the cartilage.


You will usually only need to stay in hospital for one night after the operation and, to give yourself time to make a full recovery, you should take a full week off work. (You’ll probably have to wear the protective splint on your nose for a similar length of time.) After your nose job, you should avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks as well as any situations where your nose could get knocked before it has had the chance to fully heal. There will be some bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes, but this will soon pass and any discomfort can be eased with painkillers. With access coming from inside the nose, scarring will be minimal and any visible incisions will quickly fade.


There’s nothing worse than unexpected charges that you don’t find out about until after the event, and that’s why we make sure you know the full cost of your rhinoplasty surgery before you make the decision to proceed. Our inclusive packages cover all the hospital charges for your stay, your consultant’s fees for the operation and one-follow-up consultation.

Find out more about the rhinoplasty procedure in our consultant Q&A.

What to do next

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