Tummy tuck - abdominoplasty

What is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty?

Pregnancy is one thing that can leave you with unattractive folds of skin around your middle. The natural ageing process and significant weight loss are two others. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is designed to give you back your youthful flat stomach by tightening those abdominal muscles. An appealing side effect of tummy tuck surgery is that stretch marks and existing scars are removed as part of the process.  

Why have a tummy tuck?

Which woman doesn’t yearn to have a flat firm tummy with beautiful smooth skin? The bad news for all of us is that even supermodels don’t stay in perfect shape for ever and, even with a disciplined fitness regime, you’re likely to find that time eventually takes its toll. Whatever your own reasons for wanting a tummy tuck, the decision to go ahead with this procedure needs careful consideration. We would strongly encourage you to chat through any doubts you might have with one of our consultant surgeons or a member of our team of friendly advisors before you commit to treatment. These advisors are here to help answer any questions you have, without applying any kind of sales pressure, so that you can be 100% confident with your decision if you do eventually proceed with surgery.

Your tummy tuck operation

Your chosen consultant surgeon will make a neat cut just below the bikini line. The skin is lifted and this allows the surgeon to remove the required amount of fat and tissue as well as tighten the muscles. Finally, the cut will be stitched back together and wrapped with bandages. The operation will take place under general anaesthetic , which means you will need to spend at least one night in hospital.


After your operation, you should plan to take two weeks off work to rest at home and give your body the chance to recover properly. Strenuous activity of any kind will need to be avoided for several weeks after that. Feel free to use painkillers if you experience any discomfort after you leave hospital, and you should also expect a little swelling and bruising in those early stages. Try and be patient as it won’t be until around three weeks after your operation that you’ll be able to appreciate the full results of your tummy tuck.


There’s nothing worse than unexpected charges that you don’t find out about until after the event, and that’s why we make sure you know the full cost of your surgery before you make the decision to proceed. Our inclusive packages cover all the hospital charges for your stay, your consultant’s fees for the operation and one-follow-up consultation.

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