Open testicular biopsy with microsurgical techniques

What is open testicular biopsy for?

This procedure is commonly recommended for patients whose semen analysis suggests abnormalities. Open testicular biopsy can help diagnose the cause of abnormal sperm. Once the cause has been identified, appropriate fertility treatments can be recommended.

What happens during an open testicular biopsy?

Microsurgical techniques to extract sperms is a more invasive way to obtain sperms from men with azoospermia (no sperms in ejaculate). These techniques may be helpful in improving sperm retrieval rates.

Under anaesthetic, samples are extracted to look for sperms. If sperms are found then they can be used for further assisted conception methods to fertilise the egg from the female partner.

These methods are generally safe; there is a risk of infection and bleeding as with any surgery. Success depends on various factors in the male partner.

Do I need this procedure?

If your semen analysis has shown abnormalities, you may be recommended this procedure. For further information on this procedure and to discuss your options with a consultant – make an enquiry with us today.  

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