Paying for your treatment

Payment optionsWhen you meet with your BMI Fertility Consultant, they will provide a complete package of care tailored to your need. You should expect to receive an individualised cost treatment plan that will outline all the costs associated with your personal treatment programme. 

Once you are ready to make your fully informed decision about the best fertility treatment for you, you have the options to pay for yourself or apply for a BMI card, which allows you to spread the cost of your fertility private treatment, making it more accessible and affordable:

  • Each transaction qualifies for 12 months’ interest-free credit.
  • Credit limit up to £20,000 (subject to eligibility). 
  • No annual charge, membership fee or deposit required.

The BMI CardEach centre with the BMI Fertility Group will provide you with their own prices and if you require a detailed breakdown for the site you are wishing to attend, please contact our advisers and they will be able to send you a copy of that clinics individual price list. If you are still unsure please do not hesitate to contact the centre directly.

All main BMI Fertility Centres provide NHS funded fertility treatment. Your eligibility for this type of funding is dependent on where you live and whether or not you fulfil strict criteria. This criteria is set by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and clinics cannot treat anyone who is not eligible under these contracts. To find out more, speak to your GP.