Same sex and single parents

Same sex parentsWe are committed to treating those seeking treatment, whether same sex couples, heterosexual couples and single women, equally and fairly. All of our centres will guide you through the many complex issues associated with using donor gametes. Whether it is the selection of a donor, to counselling and how to tell a child of their origins, our centres will support and guide you through this process.

For women in a same-sex relationship or single women, using an HFEA licensed fertility centre may be the most reliable method of conceiving. A licensed centre will give you access to screened, donor sperm and will ensure that you are treated in the most effective manner. Using a fertility centre also means you will be screened for any fertility problems and given appropriate treatment so you are most likely to conceive.

PregnantIf you are planning treatment as a female couple, unlike for female couples conceiving at home, you do not need to be married or civil partnered to each other to both be recognised as parents of a child. Both partners can be named on the birth certificate if you conceive using an HFEA licensed clinic as long as you both agree to being named as parents and you complete the correct paperwork.

Our aim is to help you achieve the family that you long for.