Private general medical consultation

What is a general consultation at BMI Healthcare? 

A general consultation at BMI Healthcare is when you seek general medical advice from one of our consultants. It is often required for patients who have symptoms but have not yet received a medical diagnosis. 

What will happen during my general consultation? 

Your consultant will undertake any required examinations and will prescribe a treatment plan to suit any diagnosed illness. 

If the consultant is unable to treat you, he or she will likely refer you to one of our specialists.  

24/7 general medical admissions

BMI Healthcare also offer a general medical admissions service providing medical care and treatment for a broad range of conditions and illnesses. If you or a loved one are in need of medical care and rehabilitation you can get 24/7 direct access to this service with a fast and efficient admission process.

To find out more and locate your local hospital please visit our general medical admissions page.

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