Obstetrics consultation

What is obstetrics? 

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the delivery of babies. This involves a consultant obstetrician working closely with midwives in all aspects of routine and complex ante-natal care, care of the mother and baby during delivery, and post natal support.

Who are obstetricians? 

An obstetrician is a physician (doctor) who has completed specialist training in managing pregnancy, labour and postnatal care (puerperium). An obstetrician is often referred to as an OB.

Although other doctors deliver babies, many of our patients choose to see an obstetrician. This is usually because they are seeking a doctor who is an absolute expert and specialist in their field. 

Should I use an obstetrician? 

Your family doctor will be able to help you with much of your pregnancy, but you may want to choose an obstetrician if:

  • You are aged 35 or above
  • Your pregnancy is high risk
  • Complications develop during your pregnancy
  • You want the assurance of using a doctor that is specially trained in all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care

What role will my obstetrician play in my pregnancy?

Your obstetrician will do the following during your pregnancy:

  • Track and monitor your health and your baby’s health
  • Answer your pregnancy questions and concerns
  • Monitor your health to ensure your baby remains healthy
  • Let you know what to expect for each of your trimesters, your delivery and your postnatal care
  • Deliver your baby
  • Monitor your health post pregnancy

What are the advantages of using an obstetrician?

The main advantage of using an obstetrician is that you will be using a doctor who solely specialises and works within the field of pregnancy. This is especially relevant if you have a high risk pregnancy, or anticipate having a caesarean pregnancy. 

What are the disadvantages of using an obstetrician?

There can be higher medical costs involved in using an obstetrician. Obstetricians are trained to deliver babies primarily in a hospital setting (where medical equipment is available in the case of pregnancy emergencies or complications). If you want to have a more natural birth or an at home birth, you probably will not use an obstetrician.

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