Hand and Upper Limb Services

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The BMI Hand & Upper Limb Service is a team of highly dedicated and caring surgeons and therapists. Our specialist team, who are known throughout the world, take great pride in their work and use the most advanced techniques to improve the use of your hand, wrist and arm in a comfortable and caring environment.

We are deeply committed to our own professional development and learning. We are also actively involved in research and teaching both in the UK and internationally to support the professional development of others. We combine clinical excellence and cutting edge research with result-orientated treatment. Mindful of your time, we offer flexible appointments at a wide range of locations throughout the UK.

Your hand is essential to your day-to-day way of life and our exceptional team will take the time to understand your needs and improve your function.

If you are unsure whether hand therapy may help your condition please contact us, one of our specialist hand therapists will be pleased to answer your questions and provide reassurance.

How can BMI help?

Our services cover:

  • Medical assessments with a specialist consultant
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acquired conditions such as carpal tunnel’s syndrome, Dupuytren’s disease, arthritis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic conditions including soft tissue injuries or fractures
  • Hand therapy services

For a better understanding of the treatments we offer, here is a list of common hand and upper limb conditions that we treat:

We offer fast, direct and convenient appointment with a consultant specialised in hand and upper limb services. Your consultant may be able to reassure you that what you are experiencing is nothing to be concerned about or they can discuss treatment options that could relieve your symptoms so you can return to enjoying your life.