Hand and wrist soft tissue injuries

Hand and wrist injuries are, unsurprisingly, very common due to the hands’ vulnerability as the first contact with tools, balls, equipment and protecting ourselves when we fall. 

A laceration to the hand or wrist can result in damage to skin, tendons, nerves, ligaments and all other soft tissues.  These need to be carefully assessed to ensure the damage is identified and the correct surgery is carried out.  The BMI Hand & Wrist Service team are trained to triage these injuries and will be able to accurately identify the problems, provide immediate care and liaise with a surgeon, when necessary, to ensure repair is planned. 

Post operatively, all tendon, nerve and other soft tissue repairs will be rested for a few days and then the hand therapist will guide the rehabilitation.  This is often a balance of rest and movement with gradual reintroduction to function. 

Some injuries, such as sprains and strains, require rest and other interventions to aid the healing process and ensure secondary problems do not occur.  A hand therapist will be able to fabricate splints or provide you with an appropriate “off the shelf” version which will reduce your pain and facilitate rest.  Advice will be given regarding wound care, exercise and a graded return to activity.