Nephrology consultation

What is nephrology? 

Nephrology is the study and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases.

What causes kidney diseases?

Common causes of kidney disease include diabetes and high blood pressure but there are many other causes. Assessment will include blood and urine tests and a comparison with previous results where available. Other tests such as ultrasound scans may also be needed and sometimes a kidney biopsy may be recommended.

What will happen during my nephrology consultation? 

There are many different outcomes due to the range of different kidney problems that can occur. In some cases there may be a specific treatment needed for the underlying kidney disease and sometimes this needs to be started urgently to prevent further kidney damage. In other cases there is no specific treatment but careful blood pressure control and monitoring is needed. Most of the tests and treatments are very safe, but any risks/complications will be discussed with you prior to any treatment being given. If a kidney biopsy is recommended then the risks and potential benefits will be discussed.

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