Dyslexia Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common type of specific learning difficulty that mainly affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling of words. From NHS choices.

Assessment of Adults with dyslexia

Using psychological tests psychologists can determine the nature and extent of the dyslexia. The best known and used test in the UK is The Adult Dyslexia Screening Test (DAST).


The psychological assessment in turn enables the psychologist to design a training program which will help the patient with their specific problem. Many adults with dyslexia have never had it diagnosed while at school and may have low self-esteem if they failed in the school system. However many of them are very intelligent people. The psychologist treating this will also help with the emotional problems associated with dyslexia with psychotherapy and support.

Psychologists can also inform patients of their rights under the law as dyslexia is now recognized as a disability.

“The Disability Equality Duty (2006) and Equality Act (2010) legally require Education and Training organizations such as ours to be proactive in ensuring that people with disabilities are treated fairly.”  www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/training

Benefits of Dyslexia treatment

It will help patients function better in everyday life and work.


Non invasive, very safe.

What to do next

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