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What is obstetrics?

ObstetricsObstetrics is the branch of medicine concerned with pregnancy, the delivery of babies and the welfare of the mother. Consultant obstetricians work closely with midwives in all aspects of routine and complex ante-natal care, care of the mother and baby during delivery, and post natal support.

Reasons to see a consultant obstetrician

An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in managing pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. Although there are other trained health professionals such as doctors, gynaecologists and midwives, people often choose to see an obstetrician due to their specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. There are a range of other reasons why you would seek an obstetrician, such as:

  • You have a high risk pregnancy
  • You’ve had complications during previous pregnancies
  • You’re 35 or above
  • You’ve developed complications during your pregnancy

How will your obstetrician help you during your pregnancy?

The consultant obstetricians at our private maternity service will do everything they can to ensure your pregnancy is a happy and healthy one. They will help reassure you of any queries you may have and will be there for you throughout your pregnancy and after. Your obstetrician will also:

  • Be there to answer any questions or concerns
  • Monitor both your health and your baby’s health
  • Inform you about what to expect in each trimester
  • Discuss delivery options and postnatal care
  • Deliver your baby
  • Monitor your health post pregnancy

How BMI Healthcare can help

Obstetrics at BMI Healthcare offers you fast, direct and convenient appointments with a consultant obstetrician. Our consultant obstetricians specialise in all aspects of pregnancy, therefore you will receive the highest quality of care throughout this special time.

Together, you and your consultant obstetrician can decide the best route for you and your baby and develop a tailor made treatment package to achieve optimum results.