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Peyronie's disease treatment

If you have a bend in your penis on erection which can be painful and prevents you from having intercourse, you may have Peyronie’s disease. Read more

What is Peyronie’s Disease (PD)?

Peyronie’s Disease (PD) is a common benign condition affecting up to 1% of men. It presents as a bend in the penis on erection which may be painful and prevent the man from having intercourse. There may be a lump which can be felt in the penis under the skin and the condition can take 6-12 months to stabilise.

What treatments are available?

There are several treatments for the condition although most of the oral treatments do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. For significant bends in the penis and impaired function, surgery provides the best results.

There are a number of operations for PD which involve straightening the penis. These range from plication stitches placed under the skin (modified Nesbitt’s procedure/ Nesbitt’s procedure) to incision and grafting with patches (Lue procedures). In patients who have significant erectile dysfunction penile implants can be used. Your urological surgeon will be able offer advice on the most suitable procedure. All the operations are carried out under a general anaesthetic and most can be carried out as a day case procedure.

For some men with lesser degrees of deviation conservative treatments such as extracorporeal shock wave therapy administered as an outpatient may be suitable.

Satisfaction rates with surgery are extremely high in the scientific literature as most men return to normal activities within 24 hours and sexual activity within 4-6 weeks. Contrary to most men’s perceptions there is very little pain following the procedure. Scarring is minimal and almost invisible within a few weeks.


Author: Mr Raj Nigam, Consultant Urological Surgeon at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital

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