Computer assisted navigation - total knee replacement

What is computer assisted navigation?

Computer assisted navigation is a recent and most significant development in joint replacement and orthopaedic surgery of the 21st Century.

It uses computer technology to guide surgeons as they perform joint replacement surgeries. A computer navigation machine is used, which allows the surgeon to digitally monitor each step of the surgery on a screen. This can enhance surgical performance, and help reduce errors.  

What will happen during my consultation?

Computer assisted navigation can be used to aid in total knee replacement surgery. The position of individual bones is tracked in 3D space with real time infra-red wave communication. The surgeon is able to make exact individualised cuts in bones and position the prosthesis in desired position to the last degree. Any adjustment needed is done during the surgery as opposed to conventional surgery when the objective measurements are on post op evaluation. What is most beneficial is the cuts are individually catered to specific anatomy and needs of each individual patient. This also reduces the blood loss and embolic complications.

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