Hand and wrist ligament reconstruction surgery

What is hand and wrist ligament reconstruction surgery?

Hand and wrist ligament reconstruction surgery aims to correct damage to the hand and wrist ligaments. Often the ligaments have become torn, causing significant pain and restricted movement. 

What causes hand wrist ligament damage?

Tears of the ligaments in and around the joints are well known, and wrist, finger and thumb joints are no exception. These are caused by trauma and lead to pain and instability of the affected joints, which in turn can lead to disabilities of various degrees with patients being unable to use the hand properly.

What are the treatment options?

Hand and wrist ligament reconstruction options include non-surgical treatment like splintage. This involves wearing hand and wrist splints to prevent stiffness and pain caused from joint movement.

Surgical options include surgical reconstruction of the torn ligaments. This operation can often be performed as a day case under general anaesthesia or general anaesthetic.

Another option is joint fusion. This involves the joints being fused together, positioning them in a permanent fixed position. The fused joints will no longer be able to bend, but this method can stop the joint pain previously experienced.

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