Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can cause pain, discomfort and restricted movement. You may find walking and putting weight on your knee painful and difficult if you’ve suffered a knee injury.

At BMI Healthcare, our consultants offer a range of treatments to treat many different types of knee injuries.

Our aim is to ensure you receive the very best care and the right treatment, for a safe and speedy recovery that will get you back to your old self again.

Common knee injuries

  • Fractures:  usually caused by high energy trauma such as falls or a vehicle collision,  the most fractured bone of the knee is the patella (or the kneecap).
  • Dislocation: this happens when the bones of the knee get out of place partially or completely. They can occur due to trauma, falls or sports-related contact.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury: usually occur due to sport-related incidents. Tearing the ligament can also lead to damage to other areas of the knee such as the articular cartilage, meniscus, or other ligaments. It can be corrected with ACL reconstruction surgery.
  • Posterior cruciate ligament injury: this injury is usually caused when the knee suffers from a strong blow from the front whilst being bent. If the damage is not total, the ligament can heal on its own.
  • Meniscal tears: the meniscus acts as a shock absorber for the tibia and the femur but sometimes tears can occur, especially during sports. Meniscal tears can also be caused by arthritis or aging.
  • Tendon tears: these can appear  from a fall or landing

If you have any of the following symptoms, you need to speak to your GP who will be able to assess whether you need specialist treatment:

  • You experience severe pain when putting weight on your knee
  • You cannot put any weight on your knee at all
  • You experience pain when your knee clicks
  • You cannot bend or straighten the knee
  • The knee is swollen and you are feeling heat around the knee area
  • You are experiencing pain, swelling, numbness or tingling in the calf area beneath the affected knee
  • You experience pain for several weeks

What treatments are there if I have a knee injury?

There are a range of treatments that can be provided should you feel yourself suffering from pain or discomfort from a knee injury.  Not all treatments require a surgical intervention; physiotherapy can sometimes have great benefits. Some of the surgical available are explained below, so you can feel comfortable and informed when talking to you G.P. or consultant.

  • Soft tissue knee surgery - your consultant may decide that the mechanical problem in your knee can't be resolved by soft tissue management alone, therefore may suggest a common keyhole surgery procedure.
  • Ligament surgery - following a fall or a sports incident you may find that your knee doesn't feel as stable as it once did. If this is the case you may be advised that ligament reconstruction may be the right option for you. Our dedicated and highly trained consultants will be in a position to advise you on this course of treatment.
  • Physiotherapy - often a lot of joint injuries, including knee injuries can be dealt with through physiotherapy and other non-invasive treatments. In conjunction with your consultant, our excellent physiotherapy team will design an individual treatment course to suit you and your complaint

If you have any question then please get in touch with us either by sending us an enquiry, calling the number at the top of the page or chatting online to us right now by clicking on the live support button at the top left of this page.

*Revised and updated November 2016

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