Total Knee Replacement, Signature System

What is Signature™ system?

The innovative Signature™ system uses MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology to create customised three-dimensional joint reconstructions for patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery.

What will happen during my Signature™ system procedure?

When you meet with your consultant surgeon they'll ensure that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your Signature™ system procedure, they'll discuss with you what'll happen before, during and after the procedure and any pain you might have. Take this time with your consultant surgeon to ensure your mind is put at rest. We know that having an operation of any type can be stressful so we've created a short downloadable guide that you might find useful to print off and use to write down any questions you may have. Do take this with you to your consultation.

What are the benefits?

This revolutionary technique enables your consultant orthopaedic surgeon to preoperatively plan the positioning and fitting of your knee replacement; allowing for a potentially less invasive procedure.

In contrast, traditional total knee replacement techniques often require instruments to be placed inside the femur (thighbone) and/ or tibia (shinbone) to assist with implant alignment and positioning.

How do I know if Signature™ is right for me?

The custom fitted total knee replacement can be used on a range of patients; regardless of size or gender. However, your consultant orthopaedic surgeon is the best person to help you to decide whether Signature™ is appropriate for you.  Individual results of total joint replacement may vary. The life of any implant will depend on your weight, age, activity level, and other factors.


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