Trigger Finger Treatment

Trigger finger treatment is surgery to prevent when a hand digit sticks in a bent position and sometimes can remain so. 

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger occurs when the finger becomes “locked” in a bent position and is unable to be straightened (or can only be done so by using another finger to straighten it out). It can cause pain, general discomfort and reduced capabilities of the hand.

What causes trigger finger?

Trigger finger is caused when there is a problem with the tendon or sheath within the finger. They may have become swollen, and as a result cause the finger digits to get stuck in bent positions.

There are some links to this condition and those suffering from diabetes and finger arthritis. However, the exact reason of why some people suffer from this condition is not fully understand. 

What are the symptoms?

Common trigger finger symptoms include:

  • Finger digits becoming “stuck” when bent
  • Stiffness or “clicking” when moving the finger digits
  • Pain at the base of the fingers and thumb
  • Swollen finger digits

How can trigger finger be treated? 

Trigger finger treatment is surgery to prevent when a hand digit sticks in a bent position and sometimes can remain so. It can be painful and annoying. Trigger finger treatment can include giving a steroid injection or a simple operation performed under local anaesthetic, which has a high success rate.



Trigger finger surgery

Patient pathway Initial consultation Diagnostic investigations Main treatment Post discharge care Total
Hospital fees N/A Included £2,321 Included £2,321
Consultants fees £200 N/A Included Included £200
Total £2,521
Initial consultation
Hospital fees N/A
Consultants fees £200
Diagnostic investigations
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees N/A
Main treatment
Hospital fees £2,321
Consultants fees Included
Post discharge care
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees Included
Total £2,521

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