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Pelvic health rehabilitation

Pelvic health rehabilitation helps assess and treat many conditions that cause pelvic problems, like bladder or bowel incontinence, or pelvic pain.

What is pelvic health rehabilitation?

Pelvic health physiotherapists are specially trained to assess and treat a range of conditions that can cause pelvic problems, such as incontinence of the bladder or bowel, or pelvic pain.

Pelvic health treatment for men and women

Possible causes of pelvic floor problems include:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Constipation and straining
  • Ageing
  • Childbirth
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Strenuous activity
  • Surgery
  • Prostate problems in men
  • Menopause in women

Antenatal pelvic health treatment

Pregnancy and childbirth puts a strain on the pelvic floor. Physiotherapy during your pregnancy can help strengthen the muscles to prevent or control incontinence as well as prevent prolapse of the pelvic muscles down into the vagina.

How much does pelvic health rehabilitation cost?

An initial assessment appointment with a physiotherapist starts from £54*.

What happens during my initial assessment?

As part of the initial assessment, your physiotherapist will ask you questions about your symptoms to get a good understanding of the issues you are having and how they can help. For women, an internal vaginal examination may also be necessary to assess your pelvic floor muscles. This is not compulsory; however, it can help to aid diagnosis and create the most effective treatment plan for your condition.

We know this can be a daunting experience so your physiotherapist will discuss this with you, in full, prior to any examination being undertaken. All examinations are undertaken in individual rooms where your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times – chaperones are available at the request of yourself or the physiotherapist.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Treatment can be beneficial for both men and women who are experiencing leaking or dribbling urine, have an overwhelming urge to rush to the toilet, are experiencing an increased frequency of passing urine, or have difficulty controlling the bowel.

How do pelvic floor exercises work?

Pelvic floor exercises can help improve incontinence problems by strengthening the muscles that support and surround the bladder and the bowel. To work effectively the pelvic floor needs to be able to contract and fully relax.

How can a pelvic health physiotherapist help?

Physiotherapists are specially trained in pelvic health to help patients through an individualised program of pelvic floor exercises. Your physiotherapist will also ensure you are performing the exercises correctly to help improve your condition as quickly as possible.

How long will I need treatment for?

At BMI Healthcare we work with you to ensure sure we can best meet your needs, and won’t over or under treat you. Your physiotherapist will work with you to understand your goals and expectations, and will devise a bespoke treatment plan, which can vary in length depending on your condition.

Why come to BMI Healthcare for pelvic health rehabilitation?

Clinical specialist physiotherapists - by choosing BMI Healthcare for your pelvic health treatment, you’ll gain fast access to our specifically trained physiotherapists, to help you with your bladder and bowel problems. Our physiotherapists offer you individual care and will ensure you're doing the right exercises to improve your condition.

Self-referral - you don't need to wait for a referral from your GP to access our pelvic health physiotherapists. Arrange your appointment directly with us at your convenience. If you have private medical insurance, check with your insurer before booking your appointment.

Chaperones - we understand it can be a daunting prospect seeking treatment for any condition. Our physiotherapists will explain everything to you, however we have chaperones available if you would like one.

To find out more about pelvic health physiotherapy at BMI Healthcare, call 0800 404 6660 or make an online enquiry.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital

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