Gait Analysis

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is an assessment of the lower limb biomechanics, i.e. how you stand, walk or run.

This assessment can help your physiotherapist pick up problems in your legs, hips or even your back. This can help prevent painful conditions developing or identify factors that can cause injuries to recur.

Who can benefit from gait analysis?

Gait analysis can be useful for those who:

  • Are concerned with how they walk or run
  • Are experiencing pain in the arch, heel, hip, knee or back
  • Suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis
  • Have developed foot problems such as “flat feet”, bunions or hammer toes

How does it work?

The gait analysis technology at BMI Healthcare allows physiotherapists to scan the way you stand, and slow down your walking or running motion. This gives an accurate analysis that’s not possible to perform with the naked eye. The scan allows the physiotherapist to accurately detect any unusual pressure points, imbalances or other potential causes of lower limb issues.

What happens during gait analysis?

Your physiotherapist will ask you to stand as you normally would, barefoot on the scanning plate. A screen will show whether you place greater amounts of pressure in certain parts of your feet. You may also be asked to walk or run across the plate to assess your walking or running pattern.

The results from your gait analysis can be used to:
  • Provide custom-made insoles to address any issues identified. Provision and fitting of custom-made insoles is not included in the initial assessment and is subject to additional charges, which your physiotherapist will discuss with you
  • Footwear advice including suggestions for suitable styles to suit your biomechanics
  • Tailored physiotherapy programme to help improve pain or biomechanical issues

Why have gait analysis at BMI Healthcare?

  • Choice of locations - many of our physiotherapy departments offer gait analysis, meaning patients have access throughout our UK network of over 50 hospitals
  • Individualised care - your physiotherapist will work with you to provide a thorough assessment, analysis and treatment plan based on the results of your scan
  • Fast access - you don't need a GP referral to access gait analysis services at BMI Healthcare. We offer appointments, usually within 48 hours. If you have private medical insurance, check with your insurer before booking your appointment

How much does gait analysis cost?

An initial assessment with a physiotherapist starts from £54*.

To find out more about gait analysis at BMI Healthcare, call 0800 404 6660 or make an online enquiry.

*This is a starting from price and varies by hospital

What to do next

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