Correction of breast asymmetry/underdevelopment

What is breast asymmetry?

This is a common condition in which the breasts showed gross asymmetry due to underdevelopment on one side, often many cup sizes difference. In addition, the breasts usually have an abnormality of shape and position. Correction therefore involves not only restoring volume, but also correcting the position and shape of the breasts.

What does the operation involve?

This is done using breast lifting and breast enlargement techniques and if necessary, nipple and areolar reconstruction. A related area is breast reconstruction following trauma or cancer surgery. This is carried out using implants and muscles to reconstruct the missing breast. A further related area is the breast abnormality seen in Poland Syndrome. Poland Syndrome leads to an underdevelopment of the chest wall or the tissues relating to it. As a result, on the affected side, the breast does not develop, nor does the base of the breast which is the underlying muscle. This is corrected using implants and muscle transfer techniques.

What are the benefits of surgery?

Successful surgery should result in your breasts appearing more symmetrical. This may help clothes fit better and increase your self-esteem and confidence.

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