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Urethral stricture is a painful and discomforting issue that affects day to day life. Enquire about having a urehtroplasty with our specialisits so we can help you.

Urethral stricture (scar tissue blockage in the urine channel) may for some people cause pain and/or difficulty with passing urine.  One option for treatment is urethrotomy. If this fails or is not appropriate then the other option is Urethroplasty which is a surgical procedure to treat urethral stricture.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and can be carried out by one of two techniques depending on the individual patient. 

  1. Substitution using tissue from the mouth
  2. By direct anastomosis

After surgery, a catheter is left in for approximately 2-3 weeks. An x-ray study is carried out to check that all has healed and if this isn't yet the case, then the catheter is left in for a further week.

Patients are then monitored following this to check that the urethra has healed well, usually with an examination of the urethra with a telescope at 6 weeks.

The benefit of having the urethroplasty procedure is that there is a high success rate with a strong possibility of long term cure for urethral stricture disease.

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