Urgent Care

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Get fast access to urgent care

urgent careOur Urgent Care Centres provide a walk-in, self-pay service for treatment of minor injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening. No appointment or health insurance is required and initial consultations are priced from £69 - £891.

You will be seen by a doctor or a nurse after an initial assessment and depending on the issue you will either be treated on the spot or referred to a specialist consultant. Each Urgent Care Centre is located within a fully equipped private hospital with a wide-range of facilities on-site, so you can feel at ease that you will be well looked after.

When and where

Opening times differ between each site so please check the details for your local BMI Urgent Care Centre before you visit. We make sure you are well taken care of when you arrive and always aim to see patients as soon as possible. Most of our Urgent Care Centres have an average waiting time of 15 - 20 minutes2 depending on how busy it is.

The Urgent Care Centres offer treatment for a variety of conditions such as ear, nose and throat ailments, sprains, strains and fractures, and respiratory illnesses. Treatments covered, age restrictions and prices vary between each centre. Please visit your local Urgent Care Centre webpage to find out more.

Paying for your treatment

You do not need private medical insurance to access a service at a BMI Urgent Care Centre. Usually urgent care treatment is not covered by private insurers so make sure you check before having treatment. Our urgent care assessments and treatments are usually a private self-pay service.

Please note that further scans or tests will be charged separately.

If you require less urgent treatment you could alternatively book a private GP appointment. Find out more about our private GP service.

Click on the link of your local hospital to find out more about our Urgent Care Centres:

1 Varies between each BMI Hospital with an Urgent Care Centre
2Times might differ depending on how busy the centre is