Veinwave to compliment clerotherapy treatment for varicose veins

Veinwave is a revolutionary technique that has been developed by leading vascular surgeons and is designed to complement sclerotherapy in order to treat smaller veins which sclerotherapy cannot improve. It is therefore ideal for the treatment of: rosacea, thread veins and spider veins.

How does Veinwave work?

Veinwave eliminates veins via a process known as thermo-coagulation. Using high frequency microwaves, an ultra-fine insulated needle heats the vessels in the skin, which creates a thermal lesion that destroys the vein. This allows accurate application of the treatment, whilst protecting the skin and surrounding tissue.

What are the benefits?

Veinwave is a relatively painless procedure that can be applied to all areas of the body, including difficult to treat areas, such as the knee and ankle. There is no risk of bruising, scarring or pigmentation. No bandages are required, and the patient may resume everyday activity 15 minutes after their treatment session.

How safe is treatment?

There are minimal side effects to using Veinwave. Larger thread veins may be more effectively treated using sclerotherapy. Unlike laser treatment, protection from the sun is not necessary. If the treated area is a little sore or dry, then the application of aloe vera gel may help.

There is no evidence that the treatment can lead to skin disorders, nor an increased risk of cancer. However, treatment is not suitable during pregnancy, or for patients with epilepsy or a pacemaker. Only qualified and fully trained staff may carry out treatment.

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