Patient stories

Weight loss surgery from BMI Healthcare has helped many people gain control of their life again. Listed below are just a few of the people who have chosen to undergo obesity surgery with BMI Healthcare.

How weight loss surgery has helped others:

Dr Sachin Khurjekar, a GP at the Honeypot Medical Centre in Harrow, speaks about his bariatric surgery and treatment at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow, Greater London.

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Read Lorraine's story - Ceroc dancing fan Lorraine Dodd from Northampton, says her confidence has been boosted after losing seven stone, following a gastric band operation at Three Shires Hospital in the summer of 2008.

Read Lisa's story - Mum-of-two, Lisa Brabrook from Wigan is thanking surgeons at BMI The Beardwood Hospital in Blackburn after shedding 13 stone.

Read Julie's story - After giving birth to a baby boy in 2001, Julie struggled to keep up with her active child.

Read Kelly's story - A nurse by profession, Kelly Garfoot knew the risks of being overweight.

Read Liz's story - As the years crept by, Liz steadily put on weight.

Read Monica's story - At 33 and having been married for eight years, Monica Martinsen was desperate to have a baby.

Read Nichola's story - Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when she was just 21.

Read Tracy's story - Tracy steadily began to gain weight after an injury on her back.

Read Suzie's story - Bridal retail owner Suzie Partridge from Bath is today enjoying life nine stone lighter after undergoing a gastric band operation at the BMI Bath Clinic.

Read Susannah's story - Now, after shedding an amazing 10 stone, after having a gastric band fitted at BMI Park Hospital in Arnold, Susannah is determined that women choosing the surgery option are not seen as "taking the easy way out".